To date, the use of multimodal techniques can allow substantial opioid-sparing and can reduce pain by using the local and systemic effects of different types of analgesics. Aims: This case report describes a modified ERAS protocol specific for cardiac surgery with the ultrasound-guided block of the deep plane of the serratus muscle (SAP deep block) in a multimodal opioid-sparing approach. \ Two male patients, aged 62 and 67, undergoing elective mini-invasive off-pump Cardiopulmonary Bypass Grafting (CPB), were treated with an opioid-sparing multimodal anesthesiological approach based on the continuous ultrasound-guided SAP deep block. The continuous ultrasound-guided SAP deep block alone can be used in the case of mini-left thoracotomy off-pump cardiopulmonary bypass grafting implementing a multi-modal opioid-sparing strategy. It seems effective in obtaining good (2 hours) weaning from mechanical ventilation, quick (36 hours) discharge from post-operative intensive care, and good post-operative pain control (NRS < 5) even in elderly and frail patients.

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